A glimpse into the past to understand better the present and the future. A few highlights of history. A little bit of history.


from 1986 to today

When a client and/or friend, because, at this point, many of our clients have become friends, asks us about the origin of our company, the answer is always very clear: “enthusiasm, passion for our profession and the desire to offer efficient and quality advice”, those were the reasons that led us on this adventure of creating our own company.

The adventure begins

1986 was a crucial year for us, certainly, but also for Spanish society. It was the year of the introduction of VAT, with all the changes it entailed at the time. Later, the early 1990s brought us the standardization of mandatory auditing of accounts, another fundamental milestone that we all had to face.

More than 25 years balancing accounts

Years have gone by and here at Lyvea we continue to evolve: with the passing of time, with society and with our own customers. However, the principles of Quality and Efficiency that moved us in our origins, are the same that have continued to accompany us throughout all these years, the same that have become our unmistakable sign of identity.

Quality and Efficiency, two basic ideas, simple and complex at the same time, but which perfectly represent our way of thinking, working and acting. That is the only way in which we conceive our work.

Adding experience and pursuing quality

It is a fact that from 1986 to the present day, everything has become more and more complicated, both for us and for our clients: new taxes, new laws, new legal and tax regulations… This has led us to a continuous search for excellence. that allows us to improve the way we face the changing needs of our clients.

The establishment of the ISO 9001 quality standard in 2004, gave shape to our continuous concern to improve the service offered to our clients, allowing us to identify their needs and offer them the most effective solutions.

All these years of experience have led us to develop a service model capable of dealing with the increasing obligations that affect companies, subject as we are to a continuous process of change and evolution.

Our main objective is, has always been and will always be to offer the most appropriate solutions to each and every one of the challenges faced by the companies that come to us. If we have learned anything in these more than 25 years, it is that there are people behind the figures, the balance sheets, the restructurings and the regulations. People who need: experience, knowledge, quality and efficiency.

Grateful for the loyalty

We would like to thank everyone for their trust. We would like to continue counting on all of you, at least… for another 25 years! Thank you above all for your friendship and loyalty.