lyvea accounting

  • What we do:
    • Creation of the accounting documentation file
    • Preparation of the mandatory accounting books
    • Preparation of the mandatory tax records
    • Creation and maintenance of the fixed assets and depreciations file
    • Submission of interim financial statements
    • Personalized reports
    • Legalization of accounting books
    • Support in the elaboration of annual accounts
  • How we do it:
    • Pursuit of efficiency for the client: assurance
    • Information one step beyond legal compliance
    • Focused on maximizing profit in relation to cost


auditing lyvea

  • What we do:
    • Audit of accounts: Mandatory audit of annual accounts. Special reports stipulated in the Law on Corporations or other regulations. Voluntary audit
    • Analysis of internal control systems: Accounting. Administration
    • Limited accounting reviews: Tailored to the client’s needs: for specific matters or referring to accounting.
  • How we do it:
    • Willingness to combine legal compliance with company usefulness.
    • The contribution of value is a legitimate way to reduce the legal cost.


forensic economics

  • What we do:
    • Insolvency proceedings
    • Expert reports
    • Support in court proceedings
  • How we do it:
    • Focus on areas of specialization: Economics, Law, Accounting
    • Crystallization of multidisciplinary expertise
    • Constructive approach: there is always a solution