efficiency lyvea

  • It is not just a question of meeting specific needs, but of meeting them in an excellent way. With a level of efficiency that allows us to provide our clients with the maximum value per unit of cost.
    • With a highly qualified staff
    • Our team is made up of economists, auditors, lawyers and a support team (administrative and auxiliary staff) who, in addition to the necessary academic qualifications, have more than 25 years’ experience in providing services to companies of all kinds.



  • There is just one reality, but it is complex. It is not possible to cover all the aspects of a problem if not through interdisciplinary collaboration that allows different approaches.
    • Support to business management: tax, labour or economic matters in general require quick and effective solutions that only a powerful business organisation is capable of offering by means of:
      • Specialised expertise and professional qualification
      • The use of the latest technologies and the highest demands
      • Ongoing information and advice
      • Anticipation to plan decisions and select the most appropriate proposals.
      • The collective analysis of the possible repercussions for each of the areas of the enterprise.


quality lyvea

  • We are convinced that only the highest quality work is capable of satisfying the needs of our customers. Therefore, our main concern is to offer the highest quality of service. We have therefore taken all the necessary steps to ensure that our quality management system complies with universally recognised quality standards.
    • Personal and direct communication. The personal relationship with our customers is what makes possible the commitment of efficiency acquired with each one of them.
    • Our ultimate aim is to guarantee the quality of our work. To ensure this, it is not only necessary to have the right structure and team, but also to invest continuously in training. Our professionals are kept up to date in every aspect of their work.