tax lyvea

  • What we do:
    • Continuous attention in tax matters
    • Resolution of queries related to the activity of the company
    • Supervising the fiscal aspects of the accounting
    • Support in the preparation and presentation of tax returns
    • Attention to the requirements of the Tax Administration
    • Control of tax obligations
    • Inspections
    • Appeals and claims
    • Material elaboration, initial census presentations and maintenance of the company’s census situation.
  • How we do it:
    • Being open to multiple disciplines.
    • In a coordinated way. With private legal analysis of operations and accounting regulations.
    • With a management approach. Oriented to the process of economic activity, to cover it completely.


labour lyvea

  • What we do:
    • Advice on recruitment of employees
    • Management of registrations / dismissals
    • Payroll processing
    • Mechanisation of social insurances
    • Calculation and declaration of tax withholdings
    • Advice on work-life balance
    • Connection with the Social Security through the RED System
    • Employment regulation files
  • How we do it:
    • Using multilevel tools. From data management to legal labour advice
    • Focusing on the monitoring of the process in the company.
    • Seeing advice as a source of information


consulting lyvea

  • What we do:
    • Corporate restructuring:
      • Mergers and divisions
      • Preparation and monitoring of suspension of payments proceedings
      • Viability plans
    • Financial reports:
      • Study and evaluation of the economic, financial and asset structure of the company
      • Elaboration of presentation reports
      • Analysis of alternatives
  • How we do it:
    • Starting from an in-depth analytical review
    • Collaborating in the definition of work objectives
    • Engaging in implementation programmes for the solutions reached